Whether you need a backpack, laptop or new pens, the best school supply stores have got you covered for all your needs

Itching for new notebooks, pens and other cute school supplies but don’t know where to start? Right here, with our list of the best stores for school supplies. Whether you’re still in primary school or starting an MBA program, going back to school means updating everything from your ruler to laptop to backpack. Best of all, our list of the best school supply stores includes options at every price range, so you won’t have to blow your budget before the school year even starts. Happy hunting!

Best stores for school supplies

1. Amazon

Let’s start with the most convenient option, shall we? We all know Amazon is a behemoth with warehouses packed to the rafters. You can buy everything here, from the couch to the kitchen sink.

2. Target

Target comes in handy when you want a bargain but still value quality, selection and design. Buy home goods and snag unique clothing line collaborations at this megastore.

3. The Container Store

While the Container Store is known for its storage solutions, it offers so much more. Plus, the college set can invest in some serious dorm swag along the way.

4. Dollar Tree

From candy to composition books, this dollar store’s repertoire means business. Buy small items in packs online or individually instore.

5. Walmart

The original savings king is stocked with all sorts of school supplies, from scissors to highlighters. You can even shop by grade level!

6. CVS

CVS is where you go for practical school supplies in regular quantities—a single glue stick, notebook, small package of White-Out or five-pack of pens. Having an online supplement for the store is always nice, too.

7. Nordstrom

With a catalog that looks beyond the glue stick to awesome backpacks and other stylish accessories, Nordstrom is the perfect supplement for back-to-school season.

8. Urban Outfitters

Among all the trendy outfits and cute knick-knacks at Urban Outfitters, you can find plenty of back to school supplies like key chain holders and power banks. No matter what you find, you better believe it will have the store’s signature funky style.

9. Jet.com

Jet.com has all the convenience of its rival, Amazon, and occasionally offers even better deals. It’s not just school supplies, either: Jet.com sells everything from groceries to homeware.

10. Office Depot

When you have a hefty shopping list of school supplies, turn to Office Depot. In addition to core needs, the office store has scanners, laptops and printer paper. Casino Online

11. Sam’s Club

Buy in bulk to get double for half the price at wholesale giant Sam’s Club. Don’t expect top selection, but it’s easy to shop by category and save big in the long run.

12. Macy’s

Macy’s is a one-stop shop for underwear, backpacks, clothing and accessories—all the items needed for the daily school grind.

13. Paper Source

Your inner art student deserves a custom planner, high-quality pens and on-trend desk accessories. Dig up beautiful treasures at the Paper Source.